Creativity at its Best: Selected Voice-Over Scripts for Advertisement

Providing space to our ideas where it can spread its wings of imagination to  create a new thought leads to creativity. 

A Voice – Over Script Writing Competition for advertisement  organized at Yesmindz Academy Platform on 26th June, 2021 was one such endeavor that lent wings to the thoughts of the young students which encompass aesthetics along with language in the context while shaping their thoughts. The details of the same are available in the previous blogposts titled,

  1. Voice-Over Script Writing Competition in English
  2. Voice Over Script Writing Competition Result

Yesmindz academy appreciates the  creativity of the winners and congratulates them on their success. At the same breath, YesmindZ acknowledges the competitive spirit of all the participants.

It has indeed been a neck -to- neck competition that students endured and cheered through their lively participation.

The following are the best three scripts enlisted.

Winners Voice-Over Scripts

Tanisha Chugh, Singapore (IGCSE) Position 1st  

Mobile Pop Case

[Quirky music…pretty teenage girl..long brown hair..lying on velvet sheets of bed…taking selfies with Iphone 12]

[Girl sticking out tongue, cute expressions, like a diva]

[Suddenly, scene turns black and white.. drops phone on nose…change to  sombre music…zoom in on bruised nose]

Girl [hysterically]: “OUCH! Tenth time today!! Will I ever get the perfect selfie for my Instagram..?”

[Inspirational Pop music plays and displays pop case]

[Camera angle shows wide range of colourful and cute designs of pop cases.. Girls freaking out buying it and taking millions of selfies]

Speaker [enthusiastically and with zest]: “Tired of bruised faces? Say bye bye to distorted faces and hello to your flawless selfie!” 

[Bright multi colored fireworks around pink, pastel purple, baby blue, pale yellow glossy cases]

[Scene cuts to school girls trying to make a Tik Tok…tries to stand phone on wall…on laptop…phone keeps slipping]

Speaker [Chuckles]: “Phone slippery like oil? No problem! “

[Lights flashing around phone supported by pop case attached to back and girls gracefully dancing with satisfaction and laughing]

[Scene changes to influencers carrying phones with pop cases attached.]

University student 1: ” Did you hear Addison Rae just bought a pop case? “

University student 2:” OMG we should totally buy one too!!”

All students go skipping hand in hand to pop case store…each buys different colour pop case

Scene ends with all students gathered together…laughing and smiling, elated with pop cases 

“Buy yours today, at only SGD$3.99!! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Krishna Nigam, Singapore (IBMYP) Position 1st  

Water Powered Clock

[Blue colored walls visible on the background]

[A man is visible wearing a sleeping clothes; sleeping like a horse on his single-sized bed]

[There is an alarm clock beside him… not working… no charge

[Close shot changes to the clock hanging on his wall displaying 7:00]

[A time lapse, showing how the time lapses to 12:00]

[The man wakes up…looks at the clock]

James- “AHHHHHH!!! I missed my job interview. Why didn’t that alarm clock ring?”

James-” Argh, I forgot to charge it”

[The clock is visualized to become alive with legs and hands … it teases James]

Alarm clock in a sarcastic voice- “Now you are late for your interview, Oh little baby.”

[James goes to the living room, where lies a yellow colored television and a white couch  ]

[Switches on the television… an advertisement plays on TV screen]

Host of the TV show: “You are late because you forgot to charge your alarm clock”

Host- “Then buy this clock, you do not need to charge it for a whole 3 months due to the new technology. Just fill the alarm clock with water”

Host- “… we use electrodes within the reservoir converting ions to make electricity”

[close shot on James’ face, showing how his face changes from a sad  to  smiley]

[James orders the product using his phone]

[scene changes to James’ room]

[James is visible wearing a yellow shirt ….attending a job-interview]

James- “Buy this and wake up on time everyday!”

PRADHIKA S, India (AS Level) Position 2nd 

Mobile Pop Socket

Music: Chill and Vibrant 

Background title: Pop sockets made just for you [Rainbow colors in bold font behind white background]

Female voice: “Are you fed up with your phone slipping away from your hands?Uggh!” [Phone falling down the stars] 

Female voice: “Introducing you to the all new swappable pop sockets made with every color found in the universe.”

[Pop sockets thrown into the camera with bright lighting from the top to show the color contrasts]

Female voice: Pop! [Crisp noise] and that’s it. “It’s a fun accessory for your phone! Play around with it and find your style [Double screen with two different sockets being attached to the phone ]

“A chance to show off your aesthetic with just one POP! Anywhere at Any time” [Group of teenagers changing their sockets while taking a selfie] #SELFIE 

Female voice: “Just pop to use and Press to flat…” “Use one to snap a picture” [People snapping pictures at different locations] “Or to watch a video” [Boy holding a phone while watching football] “Even text while cycling” [A guy cycling while texting] “Place it anywhere at any angle to record Reels and Tik-Toks” [Sarcastically] “without a thousand dollar tripod stand just like you favourite influencers” #Viral #Trending [Mom recording her dance while cooking in the kitchen] [Transition from snapping pictures, watching video, cycling, Tik toks]

Female voice:[Funnily] “Dress up your phones with different sockets”

A group of people holding their phones with their exciting Sockets [Screen split into different sections to show the people holding their phones]


Special Mention

Among all the participants the following names are listed in the  special mention for it creative content.

The Voice-Over scripts for advertisement chosen for special mention are unique and creative in their content. However, it requires  slight tweaking  of language and techniques of script writing for an advertisement to reach the level of perfection. Yesmindz takes up the opportunity to congratulate and wish good luck to all students whose names are listed below.

  1. Pragdeeshwaran, GCSE -grade 10
  2. Akshay- AS/A level- grade 11
  3. Vishnu Suresh- IBDP- grade 12
  4. Ishiita Pal- IBDP- grade 12
  5. Tanmay- IGCSE- grade 9
  6. Swetha Visva- AS/A level grade 12

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