Happy Women’s Day!

If Women are a metaphor to diamond, glow is natural and refinement of it lends glitter of eternal elegance – a light that provides a bright ray of hope to the community.

She is empowered by her experiences, her surroundings, and her ability to live to the content of her heart where she finds her own space, and creates her own identity. Modern women are a blend of all and this has been possible only for the support or resentment of the context and the people around her.

What stands for empowerment?

Empowerment, an eye of the soul, has been achieved by women through her real image of her existence. As intricately described in the line by Nobel  laureate Rabindranath Tagore in his poem O Women, “women you are one –half women and one half -dream” making the world realize that the day to celebrate a women is to respect her dreams which shall be a true meaning of empowerment to fulfil the dreams of better and sustainable society. 

However, this empowerment needs to be owned by individual self  on this road to the eternity; It is the women who have to solemnly resolve that we will,

  • Learn the new and disseminate knowledge for the better world to envision.
  • Not stop at the fear of unknown.
  • Make our own path that suits us.
  • Use our skills to make good for humanity.