Voice-Over Script Writing Competition in English

Voice-Over Competition Registration Closes on 20th June 2021

About The Voice-Over Competition

Voice-Over is in the heart of an advertisement. Advertisement is less selling a product, more selling an idea. An idea that is creative; an idea that is appealing; an idea that touches the heart; one that carries a social message.

It is well stated that “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.” Beth Comstock. However, ideas need artistic language skills to be expressive allied within the contextual setting. Language blended in multimedia adds a whole new dimension to our expressions.

Multimedia mode – advertisement incorporated in language teaching encourages innovation in thoughts (creativity), promotes literary and syntactical techniques (language skills) and imagination (visualization techniques) among students.

Advertisement however is a complex blend of skills that require prior planning draft termed as voice-over script. 

With the technological revolution, audio –video medium has taken prominence in our lives. Students today face the higher demand for technical knowhow of YouTube video making or infographic analysis in their work field or higher studies. Therefore, advertisement is used as a tool in our language classes to make language learning diverse and challenging at the same time.

English curriculum of IBDP and Cambridge AS/A levels, AP incorporates such analytical requirement of language skill at high school level.  In order to tap the creative abilities of young students through the lens of language, the voice-over writing competition for advertisement is called by Yesmindz Academy as a 2021 annual intellectual event.

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Essential Information for Competition

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