Assessment Criteria:

Technical, language, literary and creative skills.

Marking Rubrics:

AO1-Literary Techniques-5 MAO2- Syntactical Devices-5MAO3-Persuasive Techniques of Advertisement-5MAO- 4-Structure and Organization-5MAO5-Critical Thinking and Creativity-5 M
• Similes
• Metaphors
• Personification
• Alliteration
• Symbolism
• Imagery
• Repetition

• Punctuation
• Variety of sentence structuring
• Types of sentences
• Lexis
• Ellipses
• Quotations
• Brackets
• Voice
• Symbolism
• Contrast
• Humour
• Emotional vocabulary
• Brand appeal
• Propaganda
• Camera angle
• Lighting
• Music

• Purpose
• Audience
• Form
• Context
• Setting
• Structure
• Tone
• Transitions
• Appeal
• Sense of the task
• Social message
• Uniqueness
• Length of the content


  • Must stay focused to the question or the product description given.
  • Any element of social, cultural, political or religious bias or stereotype leads to penalty or disqualification of the final work.
  • Topic will be announced on the spot.
  • Word limit- 200-250 words
  • 10 minutes time for lobbying and discussion prior to the planning and the completion of the task
  • There will be two judges and a moderator to curate the program.
  • Two selected best entries will bag the first and second place along with token of appreciation.
  • Total time to complete the task is 1hour and 15 minutes, within which the 45 minutes drafting time is allotted.
  • Language of task is English.
  • Online activity – Time 10-12 noon IST on 26th June, 2021.

Sample script: Mountain Bike

[Monotone background music]

[A muscular man, long legs, fine tone body…. wearing smart watch …using basic exercise equipment at home…… Working out lonely in his garage …next to his car]

(With Every lift) Aaargh..


[Presses garage door to open… finds himself in a densely populated city downtown like the one in Times Square] [Sound of traffic snarls …smoggy environment….oblivious pedestrians]


[Looks at the other side … a hilly patch…. large grin on the face]

[Inspirational hip-hop music plays along with the new scenes]

[Cut to mountain biking… drone shots …. rapid location changes ….Norway, grand canyon , Alps, Semien Mountains….a shining logo on e-bike and the helmet is focused.]

(Loud, low pitch Danish voice)

“Break the barriers; find yourself in a higher spot.”

 “POWERFUL! ELEGANT! SLEEK!” (Shows on screen the parts of the cycle one after the other).

[Shots of various stunts using mountain bikes]

[Drone shot of woman cycling beside cliff on the Mountain Bike… receives an alert on her smart watch….to drink water…..drinks it lifting it from the storage space… spilling most of it…. crystal clear sparkles splatters all through the screen.]

(Chuckles) “INSANELY Smart.”

[Drone pulls camera facing towards the sun… the shot slowly fades away…. text appears on screen displaying the colours of bike….red, blue and purple.]

“Buy yours now!” [On screen in bold fonts….Lush green background…focus on the MOUNTAIN BIKE]


[Music slowly fades even two seconds after screen blacks out]

S.C. -MR


Tips to write Voiceover script for an audio-video medium of advertisement /commercial (e.g. a documentary voiceover script)

Content of 60 seconds should include:

  • Phrases which imply that something is being shown to the audience. Keep the sentences short.(Setting & Dialogue/Narration)
  • Employ an appropriate tone. (Relevant to the chosen audience and purpose- conversational, sophisticate, so on.)
  • Perspectives (POV) must be relevant to the content chosen to structure the thoughts.
  • Structure your thoughts in unique style (incorporate humour, colour, light, music symbolism & contrasts and get to the point quickly)
  • Imagine yourself reading this out and check whether it sounds like something you would listen to rather than read. (Appealing to the aimed audiences in the context chosen.)
  • Although you can use informal tone, use appropriate, relevant and Catchy vocabulary.