Academic Goal and Career Goal

Globally students for some good reasons repeatedly encounter the words like ‘Goal’ and ‘Career’ to be more specific from the young age of 13 or 14. The importance of these words increases over the years in a student’s life. Sometimes left to understand its meaning in broad sense and at times specifically for a time context. For instance, during university admissions in any foreign country or during college placement interviews these words reverberate in every step of its process. However, comprehending the importance of goals at right age in right terms is immensely necessary in every stage of student’s life.

Through this series of blog posts, Yesmindz Academy attempts to familiarize students with these broad yet dreamy terms unfolding the real meaning of these words.  

Academic Goals

I want to be a:

  • Graduate
  • Post Graduate
  • Doctoral study
  • Post Doctoral study
  • Certification

Career Goals

I will be a:

  • Geologist
  • Criminologist
  • Ecologist
  • Scientist
  • Software Engineer

Goals are Pole Star

Goals are decision that are driven by our personal dreams that we wish to achieve within a time frame. It may be personal, academic, career, social or financial. The list is perpetual. However, the two core goals which act as pillars of progressive human existence are Academic goal and Career goal.

The other successive goals are like bricks placed on the basement of these two broad goals that helps to shape a unique structure providing indelible strength and creative design to the future goals of Individual liking. All goals take us to a particular destination in the glory of which we bask to reminiscence the pleasures of success. Yet again to set another goal for a new journey and new destination! again, a new structure! Again, a new shape! Hence, goals are unceasing and are budding constantly in time and context to shape our identity.

The effervescent nature of goals requires unpacking into smaller chunks for better comprehension. Children in their growing years survive on their Dynamic Dreams. To help these dreams come true, the adult world is quick to explain the need for setting up realistic goals. However, the understanding of goals remains fleecing to such growing minds due to the abstract nature of of the term GOALS. Therefore, it is necessary and relevant to unpack the meaning of the core goals that set a pathway for the budding students to tread on in an organized manner towards their goals.

It is the academic goal that directs us to our career goals and scaffold our desire to reach the bigger goals of life. Academics play an important role (the Pillar) on which all other goals keep evolving. Therefore, academicians are the people who are the real motivator, seeding the garden of life by initiating the idea of goal setting. The ideal way to stay realistic in today’s world as a true mentor of goal setting is the teacher playing a role of teacher as well as a trainer which can be better articulated as an academician being a facilitator.

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