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Awards-2023 in Blended Means!!

How do we @ YESMINDZ' make online educational events happening?

A power packed engaging time spent together online without realizing when the melting time clicked an hour’s duration.

The Awards-2023 event held on March 25th has been to celebrate the success of the winners @ Yesmindz.

The prizes and certificates for the winners in the – Narrative Writing Competition and Creative Content Creation Competition conducted online and participated globally in the Month of December, 2022 & January 2023 respectively were distributed virtually .

Online is the present and the future! Therefore, it necessitates to reason why Yesmindz’ choses to conduct the event online.

YESMINDZ Academy is an exclusively online educational platform started its online educational endeavour of English classes since 2014. With online platform being Yesmindz’ only means of communication and delivery of educational pursuits, every event that it plans becomes a new experience virtually to share with our larger student, parent and the educator community.

In its 9 years of long journey online providing educational support, there has been many trials and errors experimented, adapted, negated and again adapted with improvisations in the methods of delivery so as to keep the core aim of Yesmindz’, providing value education intact which indeed is fun, yet enriching experience for  the learners to carry back home.

Thanks to the ever-evolving technology that has aided Yesmindz’  to experiment every time something new. It actually has proven always conveniently effective.

One such unique experience that we wish to share is the online distribution of certificates and prizes to our students for the Awards -2023 Event.

The winners hailed from different parts of the world; hence, what better can be planned than an online event. 

Awards- 2023 event has given us chance to yet again show Yesmindz' strength in organizing a theme event online.


Yes! It requires a lot of patience and training to maintain the formality in the online mode. However, the students @Yesmindz were an epitome to express less about it.

It does begin with the regular format of initial connection through video conferencing in the Google Meet. 

Followed by greetings and an ice-breaking activity. 

The activity involved  asking as many questions to one partner while the other partner replies it instantly in a quick one minute time. The pair that could ask maximum question/answer would be the winners. 

This activity made the participants and the guest of honour get acquainted to each other and  feel comfortable in each other’s company within no time. Well known quotes of scientists and philosophers that relate with the topic of the competition were selected to ask questions that dares  life lessons instantly. This helped to motivate the winners for further competition making them feel involved and appreciated.


To document such recognition of the student’s talent an idea titled ‘Transparent Glass Ceiling’ was coined which implies the certificates and prizes being held by the giver at the opening point (glass ceiling of the screen) and received by the students from their end as a gesture of acceptance. The way to click the memories into an album of recognition . However, those who wished to receive offline were handed over in a  face-to-face mode, hence a blended format adopted. Others sent through courier.

The evidence of another new experience of distributing prizes and awards through a blended means.

Virtual Education in Vogue indeed!!

The pictures and the presentation speak for the words of the article. This is only to share our experiences on how online event was made engaging and eventful. It indeed required the support and patience of the guests of honors to consent their participation to the invitation even at an odd hour from completely two opposite time zones of the world. 

The voices of the students would authenticate the experiences shared in the video below.

A Teacher’s Task Talks Louder! Students on be ready for future….

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  1. This competition created an environment for learning, helping us to hone the skills important in the 21st century. It was my pleasure to participate in it.

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