Foundation Day Celebration 2022

Foundation Day 2022 provided an opportunity to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Yesmindz Academy.

Business English for Leadership and Management

From the Founder’s Desk:

Yesmindz Academy founded in the year 2014 on 12th of September is an exclusive Online English Language and Literature parallel school for young learners with global reach. It was set up with an objective to shape the Young Minds that respect inclusivity and acceptance.  

The social, cultural and rational behaviour in knowledge seeking can be promoted only through the encouragement of empathy and rationality of thoughts among the young learning community. With this motto in mind, Yesmindz as a future model school was established.

On this foundation day, it proudly pronounces to celebrate its 8th anniversary year of successful presence in the context of online teaching and learning. Yesmindz begun its journey with the name Njoylearning in an online teaching mode, where even formal learning was made fun to learn. However, it is currently named Yesmindz Academy with an aim to encourage learning with positivity and open-mindedness along with fun. YESMINDZ, as the name suggest, it implies optimistic thinking in learning and gaining knowledge.

In the transformed image of Yesmindz , its aim is to make students realize the importance of optimism in acquiring knowledge. When knowledge and understanding acquired is retained with right spirit to be put into action for making a better future of one and all, the true objective of learning is fulfilled. The learners at Yesmindz just do not fill their pail of knowledge but hold it to recreate and reinvent as per their contextual requirement.

Similarly, the team at Yesmindz always aim for a futuristic yet optimistic outlook to be developed among the learning community.

Although ratings are the norm of online existence, we as an institution do not believe in just ratings, but depend more on sincere feedback of our students/learners at the closing year of their studies. The satisfaction of learning that they carry along with them speaks loud and clear about the fulfilment of our set objectives.

This is the only priced reward we as a team carry along to move our little steps ahead in our journey of knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing is knowledge gaining. We are privilege and grateful for the variety of areas of learning we could cover in English teaching learning which ranges from creativity to collaboration. This provided us the opportunity to reach out to the learners from young adults to corporates and beyond.

A special shout out of thanks to our students, colleagues, teachers, parent community and the total team to make this journey possible and this day to celebrate with our diversity and multiplicity of thoughts as a team.

On this special Occasion we cannot agree more that Leadership skills in the 21st century, a concept Business English course of Language and Management video used to teach leadership skills at Yesmindz Academy should be an apt knowledge point to share with the larger audience.  

A warm ‘Thank You’ to all on this foundation day. .

Pratima Roy

Founder and Chief Educator

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