Business English – The Window to Business Communication

Business English is an amalgamation of complex communicative skills that crafts your professional personality in the global market scenario. 

Components of Business English
Have you ever considered if your communication skills are 'cool' enough for a formal professional environment?


Moving away from the ‘cool’ and the ‘dank’ i.e. the informal context to a rather formal world of business or corporates is a priority for a final year college students. If you wish to be the best and unique, you certainly require some finishing school to perfect your communication skills.

The world of business is spreading its arms wide open excitedly, waiting to invite such communicative and assertive minds.

However, the driveway from this informal world to a formal world of profession and business demands a touch of professionalism to give shape to your personality.

It would not be an exaggeration to agree that the behavior, attitude and conduct are important factors in a professional work sphere, which is termed as ‘Professionalism’. 

Developing Business English skills maximizes likely success. Professional language learning helps to bridge the gap between knowledge and skills. The clear understanding of the space /context that aims global audiences as customers / clients require thorough language skills, preferably  Business English because of its global reach. This makes you future-ready in the work environment for a long innings.

It is important to create your own brand name. It’s easier said than done, but definitely not impossible

And to take you there-

Master the Business English skills – It builds

1) proficiency in target language (here English)

2) skill to communicate in the context/culture effectively

3) develop business skills and

4) the holistic business knowledge.

Let’s Shout Out Loud ‘I AM THE BRAND!!’

To stand out and to create your own edge in this competitive global online/offline world you should be your own brand. Be termed as a young influencer, a young entrepreneur, a thought leader even in the world of business by learning and comprehending the perfect sense of blend of formal and informal language skills as per the context and situation in a appropriate professional sense.

Yes, @ Yesmindz Academy it is possible.

Yesmindz’ dynamic customized Business English training skills shall hone your hidden potentials in the professional work sphere, making you confidently stand out in the employment/ business in the current and the future scenarios.

The course is crafted and designed in a frame- work that focuses on

·        Target situation analysis

·        Present situation analysis

·        Learning situation analysis

Where the motivation, goals and objectives are set studying the gaps between the knowledge and skills of an individual that needs bridging for expected employability.

Be the part of the global team players in a style.


This article is written by Ms. Pratima Roy, Founder and Chief Educator at Yesmindz Academy. 

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