Voice Over Script Writing Competition Result

Ms. Pratima Roy 

About the moderator and coordinator:

Pratima Roy is a Teacher Educator and Head with 22 years of experience in English Language and Literature teaching with a M.A.,B.ED, M.Phil, (P.hD). She has been a Head and coordinator of IBDP, facilitating and examining English Lan. & Lit. and TOK IB/IGCSE/A Levels for the last 10years. Until recently was a GESE examiner for Oxford University, London. With a training in ESOL, she is experienced trainer of IELTS/TOEFL English. Her writing credits include publications in national dailies and educational magazines.

English Language Learning- Fun, Challenge, Creativity

Students of grade 9-12 of IBMYP/DP/IGCSE/AS/A Levels, ICSE/CBSE participated in the language and creativity challenge of Voice-Over competition held on 26th of June, 2021. The challenge of any competition is the selection of the winners. The Voice – Over Script Writing Competition for Advertisement 2021 conducted on YesmindZ platform was no different. It was a tough competition of language and creative skills showcased by the participants. Although winners are declared here, the works of other students displayed an equally competitive edge. The special mention of the next best works will be coming soon in the next blog post.

Congratulations to the winners!

First position has been a tie between two of our students, Tanisha C & Krishna N from Singapore. Second position went to our student Pradhika S from Chennai, India. 

How the programme was executed and how effective has it been to fulfill the set objectives?

The fun element of the competition was the warm up session where the students as a team were to make tagline for a following given products detailed in the video in student’s voice.

The second step of the competition has been the individual talk about their implied sense of colour symbolism . They had to talk about their choice of dress in contrast to their background setting chosen. 

This created an ambience and atmosphere for the competition along with the comfort level to consciously think about these elements in the Voice- Over Competition. It clearly has been a team effort and sharing of ideas to scaffold one’s own ideas.

The criteria indeed are the indicators planned to decide on the aspects of English language blending with the  techniques of advertisements that encourage the creative thoughts of the students. It had to be completed within the stipulated time of 45 minutes. 

The seriousness and the involvements of the student in the task were overwhelmingly praiseworthy.

The support and the sincere involvement of the Judge Ms. D Abinaya, was of immense help and we sincerely thank for her contribution in the task. Our Heartfelt thanks to all the other judges and the moderators. and technical support team. Last to mention, however, of to utmost regard is to appreciate the explicit support of the students and implicit support of their parents to make this event a success

The best original scripts selected will to be updated in our next blog post.

Ms. Dhai Abinaya

About the Judge:

Dhai Abinaya is an IBDP /IGCSE Visual Arts facilitator and Visual arts subject lead in curriculum development with 10 years of teaching experience. Currently placed in Maldives. She is M.A. in visual arts and graphic designing, also an expert in digital designing and media arts.  

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