Art speak volumes when interpreted using Language

Theme: Emotional well-being

The digital art displays an image of a girl in a meditative pose who is concentrating on her thoughts. The glowing light represents the bright energy of the sunlight showered on her, helping her to introspect. The butterflies  cluttered on her head denotes her thoughts that keep hovering in this state of concentration.

Art Creation by Ms. Stuti C

The colourful butterflies showcase a variety of emotions. Pink symbolizing grace, green serenity, purple  royalty, yellow  joy and white  tranquility. However, the yellow reflection under her eyes radiates energy and glow of her thoughts. The complete expression of her face reflects soothing and inner peace being felt in this state. Although her head looks voluminous, her thoughts are light and calm, reinforcing her mental and emotional peace. The graceful yet simple costume with its soothing colours make the emotions and the ambience divine.

Soft CLIL can be understood as Integration of Content of subject with Language that focuses on the English Language learning. It encourages

  • Creative imagination of the students.
  • Effortless interpretation ability and the rationale to connect with the logicality of their 0wn thoughts .
  • Also, they consider the global issue themed in the lesson that bothers humanity today.

Therefore, CLIL encourages critical thinking ability and problem-solving skills in students in the process of language learning.

See the CLIL video.


This article is written by Ms. Pratima Roy, Founder and Chief Educator at Yesmindz Academy.